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Hydrogen Induced Cracking (HIC) usually occurs due to the effects of aqueous hydrogen charging of steel in wet H2S refinery process environments. Detection of steel degradation before it can progress significantly is key for the adequate maintenance of HIC-susceptible assets. Early identification of HIC or blistering can occur either when the damage is about to occur or when it is already present but yet is evolving.

What does AEHIC do?

AEHIC aims to provide operators with greater control over plant operation and performance. Prediction of HIC damage growth results in less potential for pipework failure which will avoid catastrophic failures. In addition inspection intervals can be increased due to the availability of real-time data which will also reduce the risk levels.

Consequently proactive vessel monitoring will reduce the unscheduled downtime, avoiding the costs associated with this. AEHIC can detect hydrogen induced cracking evolution in unstressed sour service assets.

AEHIC is an Acoustic Emission (AE) HIC detection and monitoring system which provides means of identifying whether HIC damage growth is present including its evolution.

Download the AEHIC use case for more information


Reliable real-time condition monitoring system able to:

  • Filter relevant information related to corrosion and subsequent steel cracking (signal de-noising algorithm)

  • Discriminate between dormant and active HIC regions (HIC detection algorithm)

  • Precisely locate the regions with highest HIC growth activity

  • Provide an early alert to operators based on correlation between acoustic energy and damage growth rate

  • Structural health monitoring of assets in the oil and gas industry that are diagnosed as potentially suffering from HIC, blistering and Step-Wise Cracking (SWC)

  • Monitoring of plant assets exposed to wet H2S solutions

  • Utilisation of results for risk based inspection planning

  • General cracking activity monitoring

  • Safe to use in High Hazard Areas

  • HIC processing and clustering display in real-time

  • Wireless data transmission and reception system

  • Advanced signal processing and display and system control

  • Training materials and user manuals

  • Mains powered with option of energy harvesting

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