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Working to bring new technologies to established industries

Fullagar works with industries to ensure cutting edge deployment of each of our products to increase relability, decrease downtime and improve performance.

Our Technologies

Fullagar's products have been developed for the detection and monitoring of processes and flaws during manufacture and service. Their technologies can be applied to a wide range of use cases such as detection of:

  • Hydrogen related issues including cracking, corrosion, leakage and embrittlement;
  • Degradation in components such as premature and fatigue crack growth, pitting and wall thinning;
  • Corrosion in sweet and sour environments.

They can also be used to monitor scenarios such as:

  • Flow-accelerated corrosion (FAC) and erosion-corrosion problems;
  • Reinforcement corrosion.


These technologies could have uses in:

  • Pipelines and piping systems including water, steam, gasoline etc.;
  • Pressure vessels such as propellant storage facilities;
  • Monitoring moving parts within a system such as motors and low/high speed gearboxes;
  • Individual component investigation such as wind turbine blades, aeroplane wing and landing gear damage;


These technologies have found their uses across a wide range of industries. Several of the applications are found to be useful for several industries, such as the Oil and Gas, Power and Renewable Energy industries all make use of the benefits to pipeline systems. The Civil and Structural Engineering and the Transport and Infrastructure industries could both make use of similar applications of Fullagar technologies.

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