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The Fullagar Ship

About 'The Fullagar'

The Fullagar was the first fully welded ocean-going ship in the world classed by Lloyd’s Register. It was built at Cammell Laird shipyard, Birkenhead, in 1920 under special survey. She was classed *100A1 with the note “Electrically welded – subject to annual survey Experimental.” When she finally launched, she measured 150 feet in length and was 420 gross register tons. 

A true test of the welding occurred in 1924 when she ran aground in Liverpool, fully loaded with coal. Her ground-breaking welded hull did buckle but remained watertight; the welds showed no signs of failure. 

After the Fullagar, the combination of three factors caused welding to grow in the industry: more ships like Fullagar proved their seaworthiness; LR Rules of classification were officially amended; and the urgent demands for ships for the Second World War.

Fullagar Technologies therefore takes its lead from what the Fullagar represented: a bold choice for innovation that  marks a new chapter in an established industry.

You can read more of the Fullagar's history on the Lloyd's Register Foundation's website.


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